Friday, February 20, 2009

Home at last!

We arrived home on Friday the 13th. Although all the snow was still here, at least it was a bright sunshiny day. We unpacked, took a nap and then decided to leave for Boise to pick up Boo (our dog). I think we were home for about seven hours and then back on the road. We arrived in Boise about 4am, slept for a couple of hours and started a dew day. Amber and I tried to tally up the total number of hours we were traveling and the closest that we could come up with was about 65 hours since leaving Dar es Salaam. We left Boise on Monday afternoon and arrived back home later that evening. We look forward to reliving the many many memories of Africa. I have plans on keeping the BLOG going, so feel free to stop in from time to time.
Eric, Amber, Angelina and Cassie

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